Whats up?

«что слышно?», «как дела?», «как поживаешь?»

Еще одно слэнговое выражение. Очень популярное среди молодежи. Надеюсь будет полезно

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Wazzup?! How it's going? What's with b-sides? etc.
Not bad! I am glad that you could find similar phrases. Good Job! 
It's a cake to find such an easier examples, despite the fact that i'll gradute my university in upcommin' jully, as an interpreter xD
It is easy for you and thats great! But you even can't imagine how many people do not know english and feel so low when they come abroad. I am trying to help them. 
There is a big, i dunno, enormous russian community inside the USA, por ejemplo: in New York. You can live there even without basic English skills: chemists,shops,banks are created by Russians and for Russians.
well, why are you learning english if you think it is possible to survive there without it?
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